Medical Rescue

When a road accident happens in a remote area in Africa, urgent action is required. MedEvac UL-Helicopters will be able to land and start almost vertical in any terrain. They will bring medical assistance and provide quick transport to near clinics.

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Air Ambulance

Some deseases or serious health problems might require urgent consultation of clinical specialists. Medevac UL-aircrafts will be able to provide cost-efficient air ambulance services to or between clinics.

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Evacuation and Rescue

Situations like a car breakdown in a National Park, missing persons, bush fire or urgent need of a special medication are happening every day. Sometimes, rescue can only be provide quick enough by air.

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Our idea of founding MedEvac-Africa to provide Aerial Medical Evacuation and Rescue Services has its origin in personal experiences in Southern Africa. In recent years, aviation technology has advanced. It has come to a level, which allows medical service flights at affordable cost to remote areas, villages, farms, tourist lodges, mountains, rivers or mining areas. The aircrafts are light and flexible enough to land and start on almost any terrain including additional load. The widespread use of mobile phones plays an important role, too, for this development.

Road accidents can hit anybody. But African roads and traffic have their own 'quality', unfortunately in a rather negative sense. Accidents caused by drunken drivers, overspeeding buses or overload trucks on bad roads are sometimes showing ugliest sceneries. In such cases, rescuing lifes becomes a challenge, in particular in regions where well-equipped clinics are rare. Medical emergency rescue by air would be the right option. This is where MedEvac-Africa comes in to make a change, with Your support to introduce such life-saving services to be there when You need it.

Financial contributions will be used to set up the MedEvac-Africa Foundation and infrastructure allowing us a soon start of our planned services.

Thank You for Your interest in MedEvac-Africa!

Team MedEva-Africa
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